Lobby at Hotel Modena by Fraser New District Wuxi, China
deluxe bedroom at Hotel Modena by Fraser New District Wuxi, China
deluxe bedroom at Hotel Modena by Fraser New District Wuxi, China

Modena by Fraser New District Wuxi

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Welcome to Modena by Fraser New District Wuxi

Well positioned in the industrial zone of Wuxi New District with proximity to large foreign companies, Modena by Fraser New District Wuxi is poised to provide contemporary living comfort for travelling executives and their families.

Complete with modern conveniences and functional services, such as complimentary Wi-Fi, a well-equipped kitchen, a 24/7 gym, sauna facilities and all-day dining, all 120 serviced apartments in Wuxi are ideal options for both short and extended accommodation.


Taihu Lake Sightseeing Spot

The perfect place to go on a canoeing trip, the Yuan Tou Zhu Park and Mi Lake Centre Park are home to awesome cultural landmarks. 

Taibo Temple

Used to be a place where sacrifices were offered to the Wu Emperor, the temple has spectacular landscapes that are both natural and man-made

The Grand Canal

The man-made waterway built in 486 B.C. is the world’s longest and oldest canal that stretches 1800 km from Beijing to Hangzhou. 

Wu Culture Museum

The museum is a beautiful ecological environment that is surrounded by water on three sides and is scenic with many significant historical landmarks.  

Hui Mountain Ancient Town

A well preserved ancient neighbourhood, the town has a unique geographical position that is surrounded by nature and an ancestral temple.

Mt Lingshan Grand Buddha Scenic Area

The 30-hectare park is famous for the world’s largest 88-metre tall bronze Buddha statue, Lingshan Buddha, amongst other relics. 

Nanchan Temple

A notable Wuxi historical site that is located on the most buoyant section along the Ancient Grand Canal.

Hubin Road

The road is lined with exciting shops, restaurants and hip bars, perfect for the young and young-at-heart.

1912 Bar Street

Lined with bars, cafes and teahouses, this street is the place to be just to relax and meet some friends.

Nanchang Street

Known for a stretch of bars that open till late, offering a great place with a great ambience for relaxation and hanging out with friends.  

Taihu Lake

One of China's four major freshwater lakes, covering 2,420 sqm, the place mesmerizes with the mists, waves and greenery.  

Liyuan Garden

The picturesque landscape was once a place of recluse for Fan Li, the premier of the State of Yue, and his lover.

Turtle's Head Park

Surrounded by water and hills, the park was hailed by a poet as "the best place to enjoy the scenery of Taihu Lake".

Xihui Park

Located at the western suburb of Wuxi, the park covers Xishan hill, Huishan Hill and ruins of Huishan Hill Temple.

Wuxi Zoo

Founded in 1956, this zoo-cum-themed park is well-loved by kids for the adventure rides and animals.

Xingzhou Ecological Park

A great place to exercise and to enjoy the greenery and the rippling lake, or if you’d like, fish or have some barbecue.

San Feng Qiao Restaurant

Well-known for its spareribs dish that is finger-licking good and the very authentic Wuxi Noodles, available in vegetarian.

Huishan Clay Figure Street

If you are after traditional clay handicrafts, visit this stretch of shops perfect for gifts. 

Wang Xing Ji

A great place for traditional Wuxi snacks, such as crab meat balls. 

Xi Sheng Yuan

For traditional Wuxi snacks well loved by the locals and foreigners.

Ling Shan Taihu Lake Boat Restaurant

Available only in Taihu Lake, the silver fish is a must-try in this restaurant.  

Wang Xing Ji Restaurant

A common delight among the locals and foreigners, the steamed crab meat dumplings here are simply scrumptious.

New Earth Holiday Plaza

Here you will get to enjoy some great .Japanese and Korean cuisines.

Ladies Walk Lane

A shopping haven for women, here the ladies would find everything they need from head to toe.

He Liekou Wanda Plaza

A shopping centre that comes with beautiful scenery by the lakeside.  

Power Dragon Plaza

A go-to mall located in the centre of the New District offering anything from necessities to accessories, fashion and more.

Hang Lung Plaza

The latest and possibly one of the most fashionable shopping centres around town.

San Yang Plaza

Well regarded as the city’s shopping paradise, it is one of the most famous shopping and entertainment plazas in Wuxi.

Wuxi Grand Theatre

Designed by a Finnish architect, the theatre rises to a height of 50m like a big sculpture from the terraced base, with 8 gigantic roof wings spreading out like a flapping butterfly.

Wuxi Municipal Museum

The museum is home to more than 30,000 pieces of cultural relics, calligraphies and paintings.

Huishan Clay Figurines

A form of traditional folk art, these figurines are made from soil dug a metre below ground in the Huishan region, giving them great plasticity.  

Dark-red Enamelled Pottery

The tea-ware shop is well known for its handmade potteries.  

Water Margin City

The site where the television and movie series of “The Romance of the Three Kingdoms” or “Water Margin” were filmed, is a replica of the scene at ancient times.

Wuxi Sports Park Stadium

Keeping fit is easy in Wuxi with the city’s biggest stadium.

Wuxi New Stadium

A state-of-the-art stadium well-equipped with sports facilities.

New Civic Plaza

For entertainment venues in Japanese and Korean themes.

Wuxi Studio

The Wuxi (National) Digital Film Industrial Park is an exciting place that aims to become an international digital export base.  

Beijia Golf Course

One of the newest golf courses around with great fairways. 

Lingshan Yuanyi Hot Springs

Divided into various styles and themes, complete with an outdoor swimming pool and a children's pool, here everyone will get to have fun and relax.

Modena by Fraser New District Wuxi

Address: No. 25 Gao Lang East Road, Wuxi New District 214028, China
Tel: +86 510 6811 1888 Fax: +86 510 6811 6688
Reservations: +86 510 6802 0800 
Email: sales.newdistrict-wuxi@modenabyfraser.com

Address: Modena by Fraser New District Wuxi No. 25 Gao Lang East Road, Wuxi New District 214028, China | Tel: +86 510 6811 1888 Fax: +86 510 6811 6688
Reservations: +86 510 6802 0800 
Email: sales.newdistrict-wuxi@modenaresidence.com